Friday, July 1, 2016

UF Dashbuilder - Upgraded support for Elastic Search 2.x

The Dashbuilder's Elastic Search Data Provider support has been upgraded to the latest Elastic version, so you can now create your dashboards consuming both Elastic Search 1.x or 2.x.

Now it is extremely easy to create your own data sets, data visualizations and dashboards from data located in any Elastic Search node. Just give it a try!

Please, take a look at the Elastic Search Data provider documentation and also consider following this quick start guide which provides some examples and it will teach you how to create a simple showcase environment in just minutes.

Elastic Search data set authoring

Getting into more technical details, this upgrade implies a complete internal refactoring of the connector and the endpoint consumer. This is due to the upgrade to Java 8 in current Dashbuilder version in master, which allows to get rid of the Jest client used to connect to the Elastic Search node and use the native Elastic's Java client instead. A lot of marshalling/parsing code has been removed and all the remote service communication is now delegated to the Elastic's client itself, which makes Dashbuilder's code cleaner and easy to manipulate and extend according your needs.